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How Will i get my winnings?

When you win in a cash contest, your winnings amount will be transfer to your Bank Account within 4 working days of the match being completed.
You can submit your Bank Detail after winning the contest, after submit the Bank Detail will be transfer your winner amount in your account within 4 working days.

Does any tax get deducted from my winning?

When you win above 10,000 from a single contest, tax of 30.9% will be deducted , and the rest gets transfer your bank account.
You will also receive a TDS certificate 3 months from the winning date.

How to Deposit Cash ?

Simply use your Credit Card, Debit Card, net banking or Online Walled to make payment and Join Contests.

                                             TRANSFER WINNER CASH:-

How Can i received winner cash?

Submit Your Bank Detail and will be transfer your winner money in your Bank Account.

Can Use someone else's bank account to received winner money?

You can received money from winnerdream.com only to your own bank account. If you do not have a bank account, your winning will keep safe on winnerdream.com account. Once you get a bank account in your name, you can use the same winner money.

Its's been over 4 working days but i've still not received winnings in my bank account?

These could be two reasons for this .
  • Your Bank has rejected the transaction.
  • Mismatch of your account detail.
If your bank has rejected your transaction kindly check with them once and if there is mismatch of your account details, we'll reverse the money back into your account.